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Polimanta Agro

HP 4000


Polimanta Agro contributes to the water supply management

Polimanta Agro line has been specially developed for use in hydraulic works as a barrier against water loss through seepage in the ground, with emphasis on irrigation operations, water reservoirs and those that need maximum strength and durability. Designed for maximum strength and durability in agricultural applications, Polimanta Agro contributes to the water supply management, which is essential for the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, sustainability and cost reduction.


5.90 m


100 meters


7 years


Longer Durability (higher oxidation resistance and higher UV resistance)
Higher Mechanical Strength (higher perforation, tensile and tear strength)
Enhanced Safety (7 year warranty, 2 years longer than the standard)

Main indications:

Water Reservoir

Water Channels


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